Dream Locale: Croatia

As the winter months approach, our minds start to wander to warm, colorful locales (even more than usual). 

Recently, the stunning coast and fairy-tale waterfalls of Croatia have fueled our wanderlust. 

The small country, positioned on the Adriatic, has garnered more attention from American tourists in recent years.

However, it's still a relatively unknown destination, so unlike other travel hot spotssuch as the Amalfi Coast or Greek Islesit's not overrun with or geared toward tourists.

It's just all too easy to picture ourselves relaxing, cocktail in hand, near that perfect waterand with over 1,000 miles of coastline, there's certainly no shortage of it.

And, of course, the jewelry industry happens to be amazing, too.

Filigree jewelrya delicate metalwork reminiscent of lacedominates the business. There are no trade schools, so apprenticeships are the only way to learn the craft.

Each village incorporates its own style into the designs, so it's worth popping into shops in different parts of the country. 

Now we just have to make it through the day without booking a flight...