Love Story: Nick & Ilah Rose

One great thing about this industry is being able to contribute, even in a small way, to someone's love story. 

Recently we were lucky enough to work with customers Nick and Ilah Rose to create the perfect custom ring

Image courtesy of Jess Hunter Photo

The 18k yellow gold piece is set with white diamonds and a gorgeous Montana sapphire. These special gems usually come from the western side of what is known as "The Treasure State."

Nick & Ilah worked closely with Sarah to capture the right vibe: looking upwards to celestial bodies for inspiration. Elements of the sun, moon, stars and universe influenced this dreamy design.

For Sarah, work like this is special, " One of the most exciting aspects of making jewelry is embarking on a custom project." 

"I get the greatest satisfaction when I see a client's eyes light up upon revealing the finished product of their vision."

Image courtesy of Jess Hunter Photo

Congrats Nick & Ilah Rose!

School Me: Rose Cut Diamonds

Though they fell out of fashion at the turn of the century, rose cut diamonds are experiencing a resurgence, particularly across the U.S. 

Sarah Swell Leona Ring

The soft, sculpted cut has a flat bottom and can have anywhere from 3 to 24 facets. And the name? It's not exactly random; the shape imitates the narrowing spiral of rose petals.

Sarah Swell, One-Of-A-Kind: Edition 1

The cut became popular all the way back in the 16th century, and was especially common during the times of Jane Austen and Queen Victoria. 

England, circa 1780

By 1900, advanced cutting techniques and a widespread interest in brilliant cut diamonds (think traditional, sparkly engagement ring) led jewelers to collect centuries worth of rose cut diamonds. Though this meant cutting down the stones, they were transformed into the trendy new styles of the day.

Because of this, very few original rose cut pieces survive from before 1900.

England, circa 1820

We happen to be very fond of this particular cut. 

Sarah Swell: One-Of-A-Kind, eight