#jewelspiration: Matilde Poulat

Mexican jeweler Matilde Poulat opened her own silver workshop in the 1930's, producing substantial, yet intricate pieces.

Poulat adopted the name "Matl," (the Aztec word for "water") for her work.

Despite becoming one of Mexico's most influential designers, she first trained as a painter (sound familiar?) 

Her detailed designs often include turquoise and coral accents. 

Even today, more than fifty years after her death, jewelers still look to the Matl style.

Each tiny silver spiral was fashioned by hand, each stone hand set.

Maybe the most interesting part of Poulat's story? As far as anyone knows, there are no existing photographs of her.

Despite her famously whimsical creations and design legacy, no one knows exactly when she was born or what she looked like.